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Wales politics
Wales politics
11 August 2017

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Plans to make CCTV mandatory in all slaughterhouses are being considered in Wales.

The Welsh Government said it supported the idea and was looking at "a broad range of views" on the issue.

It comes as Environment Secretary Michael Gove announced proposals on CCTV being required in every slaughterhouse in England in all areas where live animals are present .

RSPCA Cymru has called for the measures to be "brought forward" in Wales.

Under the new plans for England, which aim to ensure high animal welfare standards, vets will also have unrestricted access to footage.

Mr Gove has launched a consultation on the proposals.

The Welsh Government said: "We note with interest the launch of the consultation in England and will continue to keep in regular contact with Defra to see how the consultation progresses.

"We are currently considering all responses to the report of the Safeguarding Animal Welfare at Slaughter Task and Finish Group, set up to consider the implementation of CCTV in Welsh slaughterhouses.

"The cabinet secretary also asked the Wales Animal Health and Welfare Framework Group to look into this specific issue

"We will take into account the findings of the framework group, in addition to a broad range of views from all sides of the debate, before deciding on further action."


It added that the "vast majority" of livestock in Wales was slaughtered in facilities that already have the surveillance.

Claire Lawson, RSPCA assistant director of external relations in Wales, said it welcomed the Welsh Government's support but would "like to see measures brought forward which make this mandatory".

"The Welsh Government could protect animals being slaughtered from possible mistreatment, and slaughterhouse staff from any unfounded allegations, by backing the implementation of mandatory CCTV in abattoirs," Ms Lawson said.

She added that the RSPCA had produced a report in response to the task and finish group report, expressing "significant concerns with their evidence base and conclusions", and was waiting for a reply.

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Gallery: Yankees beat Red Sox 11-1 at Yankee Stadium


By Randy Miller ,

NJ Advance Media for

NEW YORK -- There's one thing and maybe one thing only that seems to get drawstring dropcrotch shorts Black Rick Owens oG3RaH
manager Aaron Boone just a little perturbed during his media sessions.


He doesn't get the logic of scribes asking him if he ever worries about his homer-happy ballclub becoming too dependent on the long ball.

"I don't even know what that means," Boone said Sunday night with a look of disbelief when the topic came up again after the Yankees blasted a season-high six homers in an Sonia trousers Nude amp; Neutrals Isabel Marant XIPzTmejLA
"I think at some point we had the best record in the game when we didn't homer. If you don't homer, usually teams don't score a lot of runs in those games.

"Look, we have power. We're going to hit the ball out of the ballpark. The idea is we want to create as much traffic as possible and give our guys a chance. A lot of times mistakes that we get that we hit well get put in the seats. That's just how we're built. And I think that's a good thing."

How Sanchez, Romine are recovering from injuries

With Yankees starting catcher Gary Sanchez already on the DL with a groin strain, backup Austin Romine left Saturday night's game with a tight hamstring.

All but two of the Yankees' 11 runs during this night of slugging came via their second six-homer game since 2008.

No. 15 for rookie second baseman Gleyber Torres came with two on, No. 22 for right fielder Aaron Judge was solo shot and nobody was on when catcher Kyle Higashioka finally notched his first career hit in at-bat No. 23 with a second-deck homer to left.

And center fielder Aaron Hicks , the biggest hero of the night, went deep twice with nobody on and once with a runner aboard in joining Lou Gehrig and Mark Teixeira to become just the third Yankee ever to have a three-homer game against the Red Sox.

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Getty Images
July 2, 2018
Think Again: How to Reason and Argue

In his 1936 work How to Win Friends and Influence People , now one of the bestselling books of all time, Dale Carnegie wrote: “I have come to the conclusion that there is only one way under high heaven to get the best of an argument — and that is to avoid it. Avoid it as you would avoid rattlesnakes and earthquakes.” This aversion to arguments is common, but it depends on a mistaken view of arguments that causes profound problems for our personal and social lives — and in many ways misses the point of arguing in the first place.

Carnegie would be right if arguments were fights, which is how we often think of them. Like physical fights, verbal fights can leave both sides bloodied . Even when you win, you end up no better off. Your prospects would be almost as dismal if arguments were even just competitions — like, say, tennis tournaments. Pairs of opponents hit the ball back and forth until one victor emerges from all who entered. Everybody else loses. This kind of thinking is why so many people try to avoid arguments, especially about politics and religion.

These views of arguments also undermine reason. If you see a conversation as a fight or competition, you can win by cheating as long as you don’t get caught. You will be happy to convince people with bad arguments . You don’t mind interrupting them. You can call their views crazy, stupid, silly or ridiculous, or you can joke about how ignorant they are, how short they are or how small their hands are. None of these tricks will help you understand them, their positions or the issues that divide you, but they can help you win — in one way.

Unisex Adults Layer Trainers Kappa nqkcJi
. Imagine that you favor increasing the minimum wage in our state, and I do not. If you yell, “Yes,” and I yell, “No,” then you see me as selfish, and I see you as thoughtless. Neither of us learns anything, so we neither understand nor respect each other, and we have no basis for compromise or cooperation. In contrast, suppose you give a reasonable argument: that full-time workers should not have to live in poverty. Then I counter with another reasonable argument: that a higher minimum wage will force businesses to employ less people for less time. Now we can understand each other’s positions and recognize our shared values, since we both care about needy workers.


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